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Re: Locating schemas (was Re: Irony heaped on irony)

From: "Anders W. Tell" <anderst@----------.-->
To: John Aldridge <john.aldridge@----------.--.-->
Date: 5/22/2000 10:26:00 AM
John Aldridge wrote:

> Unfortunately, this author may have no understanding of the environment of
> the _reader_ of the XML document. The schema location used by the XML
> author may be inaccessible to the reader, and this reader should not have
> to resort to editing the XML document before (s)he can make sense of it.

If I may jump in here point to similar constructs from the OMG Corba world.

In OMG Corba schema constructs, IDL types, are identified by a repository
identifier. In order to retreive the schema one should to use Repository binding
mechanism ,which is defined by OMG, to bind a repository id to an actual schema.

Another parallell is how OMG defines Objects/instance references, here the
OMG uses multiple adresses/URL's encoded in so called profiles, in order to
locate a specific instance. The "user" of an object reference selects the profile,
from a list of multiple profiles, that suits the user best.

This corresponds to having several types of schemaLocations definitions
(URL, xxx) together with a list of schemaLocations specified.

  xsi:schemaLocation="http://ZZZ.xsd  /Other/Description/ZZZ.xsd"

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