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Date: 4/19/2000 5:16:00 AM
>It has been suggested that I take a lead in coordinating ways 
>forward. I think we should give OASIS till 04-23 before making
>any formal move.

Peter, I fully agree.

>(a) what role can and should OASIS play?

If I was running OASIS, I would start by offering free individual
membership to all XML-DEV subscribers and ink a deal with SourceForge
or someone else to host SourceForge-like site for XML projects.  Lets
see: and are available.  I particularly

>(b) What additional features should XML-DEV include. I 
>like the idea of CVS pages for projects - think we have
>a critical mass and it would work very well.

Too conservative.  I say go for the whole works.  Facilities we find
useful will likely be adopted by W3C and others so its another way to
improve the standardization process.  For example, there are enough
people on this list to support a IRC channel going.  More elaborate
MUD-like chat facility can be used for subgroup meetings with the
side benefit of recording the process automatically.  I doubt anybody
ever recorded weekly W3C WG teleconferences.

>(c) are there affordable technical solutions which are 
>preferable to the current one?

Anything like or would work great.  A
distinguished group like XML-DEV can ask for a special arrangement
in return for some fringe benefit.  Get some corporate sponsors as


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