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Re: Gutenberg Project

From: Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@------------------.------.--.-->
To: bckman@--.------.---
Date: 3/15/2000 6:34:00 AM
Frank Boumphrey writes:
 > I think one of the things being lost in this argument is that TEI was
 > poriginally designed for annotation of documents for carrying out scholarly
 > research. As such it is truly without peer. What is needed is a smaller
 > simpler more intuitive language.

You imply here that the scholars language is by definition not
suitable for lesser mortals. Why should that necessarily be so?

 > It was not really designed for the marking up of common texts for display
 > and reading.
well, I think its designers would not recognize that statement

 > Look at the following three examples of the opening of Moby Dick. TEI,
 > gutbook, and XHTML

 > Which of these examples is the more intuitive?
the XHTML is obviously silly. I don't see the gut one and the TEI
differing that much

 > IMO (and that of nearly all my students) The TEI markup is NOT as intuitive
 > as the  second markup, it uses a lot of generic headings such as 'div' head,
 > only one kind of note etc.

so, use the the extension mechanism, if you want sugared input

 > Because TEI relies on attributes to differentiate segments it cannot be
 > displayed with a style sheet on current XML browsers
 >  div[type="chapter"]{font-size:14pt;} is not supported).

eh? whatever are you getting at? what current XML browsers, for
starters? obviously you can use XSL in IE5. Obviously no-one in their
right minds would use CSS anyway, because the implementations are so
broken. Do you want to make your DTD on the basis of broken browsers
as of March 2000?

 > I must confess that when it comes to ease of use I am not a fan of TEI, but
 > I do see its tremendous worth, not least of which is that there is a ton of
 > documents marked up in TEI. Now if only they were made _easily_ available to
 > the general public.....!!

what is "easily"? which documents do you know exist but cannot get at?


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