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Re: The Power of Groves

From: Paul Prescod <paul@-------.--->
To: xml-dev@---.---
Date: 2/9/2000 6:00:00 PM
Before the infoset started, I was told that groves and property sets
were already out and prose text was "in". 

Anyhow, the problem is not so much the quality of the infoset but
whether it is followed. It's already too late for the DOM and XPath, the
query language people are likely to invent their own data model and
XLink doesn't even mention the information set except in non-normative

What would be the point of me spending a bunch of effort on a
specification that is being universally ignored?

I have faith that everything cool gets reinvented and embraced
eventually if you wait around long enough...

 Paul Prescod  - ISOGEN Consulting Engineer speaking for himself
"The calculus and the rich body of mathematical analysis to which it
gave rise made modern science possible, but it was the algorithm that
made possible the modern world." 
        - from "Advent of the Algorithm" David Berlinski


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