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Re: XML Schema Question: default namespace misses attributes

From: John Cowan <jcowan@-------------.--->
To: "Rev. Bob the Twice-Ordained" <rev-bob@----.--->
Date: 2/10/2000 8:15:00 AM
rev-bob@g... wrote:

> You misunderstand me somewhat; let's go for a concrete example.

By all means.

> <myDefs:book code="0312862792">Riders in the Sky</myDefs:book>
> The question now becomes, what about the "code" attribute?  IMO, the
> parser should see the myDefs namespace on the <book> element, and try to
> find the "code" attribute in the myDefs definition of the <book> element first
> - because that is the most logical step to take.

Just so.  Unfortunately, without a DTD or XML Schema, there is no knowing
whether myDefs:book actually defines "code" as a valid attribute or not.
To allow consistent processing between validating and non-validating
parsers, therefore, ...

>  If that attribute is not found in
> that definition, the next logical place to look is in the rest of myDefs - to see
> if perhaps "code" is defined globally in that namespace.

... the above is not done.  Instead, "code" within myDefs:book always
means myDefs:book:code (not valid syntax, I know) and never
myDefs:code.  A specific application may choose to say that these
are synonymous, but at the namespace-aware parser level they are different.

> <myDefs:book html:id="mq4" code="0312862792">Riders in the Sky</myDefs:book>

No problem here: html:id means "id" freely floating in the html namespace, but
distinct from a (hypothetical) html:id element.

In short, you already have almost everything you want.

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