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Re: Schema validation different under .NET

From: "Francois Malan" <francoism.removethis@-------.--.-->
Date: 12/19/2005 4:06:00 AM
Martin Honnen wrote:

> Francois Malan wrote:
> > When validating the schema "manually" using MSXML versions 4SP2 and
> > 5 I get the same error. When trying with MSXML verison 6, it
> > validates fine.
> > 
> > Is there some way to tell .NET to use MSXML version 6?
> .NET has its own XML parser and validator implementation, it does not
> use any MSXML version at all, unless you explictly do COM interop
> stuff to use MSXML from mangaged .NET code.  If MSXML 6 does what you
> want then chances are the new/improved validation code in .NET 2.0
> will also do as MSXML 6 and .NET 2.0 classes have been implemented to
> be compatible, in particular when it comes to schema validation.  Can
> you use .NET 2.0?  There you can write code alike
>     XmlReaderSettings validationSettings = new XmlReaderSettings();
>    validationSettings.ValidationEventHandler += new
> ValidationEventHandler(ValidationHandler);
> validationSettings.ValidationType = ValidationType.Schema;
> validationSettings.Schemas.Add(null, @"test2005121901Xsd.xml");
> using (XmlReader validatingReader =
> XmlReader.Create(@"test2005121901.xml", validationSettings)) {
> while (validatingReader.Read()) {}     }
> where ValidationHandler in a Console application could simply do
>  public static void ValidationHandler (object sender,
> ValidationEventArgs args) {     Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1}",
> args.Severity, args.Message);   }

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I cannot use .NET 2, since our
customers still use .NET 1.1

Do you know of any "official" document or anything on the web that will
explain this "wrong" behaviour as default  for .NET 1.1?

How would one go about using MSXML 6 inside a .NET app?




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