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Re: first letter in capital?

From: "Ikke" <Mail@--.------>
Date: 12/22/2003 12:14:00 AM
"Neil Smith" <neil@n...> schreef in bericht
> So, here's an ameded template - it's a bit more complicated but still
> possible to follow : Run it and note the commented out 'with-param'
> section for select="title"
> Now, uncomment the section and run it again. What happening is that
> you are now passing a parameter in, and this over-rides the default
> delimiter (a dot) which I placed in the ucwords template.
> You could just as easily place a space as a delimiter, directly in the
> ucwords delim param, but this is to illustrate you have a little more
> choice of delimiter with minimal extra code. So you can choose at the
> top level whether to capitalise after a space, or a dash, or.... (but
> not both - see Dimitres example for a proper way to do that)
> So, anyway the extra stuff in the ucwords template basically goes 'if
> there's a delimiter in my string, split it before and after, and call
> this template twice' (before, and after) 'until there are no
> delimiters left'. It also adds back the delimiter in between, which we
> just removed ;-)
> Then, on each call where no delimiters remain in the string, spit out
> the capitalised word ( <xsl:otherwise> does that part)
> So for a string like 'lightning crashes' it goes in once, decides to
> split up the string into 2, and calls itself again, returning
> 'Lightning' the 1st call, and  'Crashes' the second call.
> Does that make sense ?
Yes it does, thanks



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