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Re: Question Re XML Serialization Order

From: "sloan" <sloan@-----.--->
Date: 11/26/2008 10:45:00 AM!A68482B9628A842A!148.entry

Push come to shove, you can do an xml to xml transformation.

"Joseph Geretz" <jgeretz@n...> wrote in message 
> Hi Bjørn,
> It matters because the remote consumer of our XML processes certain 
> elements of the XML in positional order. I can't speak for them 
> positively, but I suspect that their need to process high volumes of these 
> transactions in XML format has let them to positional element access which 
> is more efficient than traditional XPath access?
> I could be wrong about this, but I am correct about the bottom line which 
> is that we need to suply them the XML with certain elements in specific 
> ordinal position, otherwise our transaction fails. Hence, the reason for 
> this posting.
> I hope this answers your question. Can you answer ours?
> Thanks,
> Joseph Geretz
> "Bjørn Brox" <bpbrox@g...> wrote in message 
> news:492d0705@n......
>> David Wheeler skrev:
>>> I'm having  problem with the XML Serialization in how it orders the 
>>> generated XML with derived classes.  This code is slightly modified from 
>>> one of the examples available on MSDN, in that it runs in a windows 
>>> form. This example returns a file with this XML:
>> ...
>>> *-* <NewBook>
>>> * *     <ISBN>*123456789*</ISBN>
>>> * *     <NewEdition>*true*</NewEdition>
>>> * * </NewBook>
>> ..
>>> The <ISBN> is coming from the base class and <NewEdition> is coming from 
>>> the derived class. The problem I have is that I need to be able to 
>>> reverse these as in:
>> ...
>>> *-* <NewBook>
>>>       <NewEdition>*true*</NewEdition>
>>> * *     <ISBN>*123456789*</ISBN>  * * </NewBook>
>> ...
>> I have only one question, - why and does it matter?
>> -- 
>> Bjørn Brox


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