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Re: Newbie to XML - problem using xmlhttp

From: "Anthony Jones" <Ant@------------.--->
Date: 6/5/2007 9:27:00 AM

"Scott M." <s-mar@n...> wrote in message
> xmlHTTP is really for asyncronous xml communicaitons between servers,
> is much more than you need here.

You're right it is more than is required and is clearly harvested from some
AJAX oriented discussions which are over-complicated for most actual uses.

However, there are many synchronous scenarios where one would use XMLHttp.
Posting data, adding headers and trapping http status codes being a few.

>You just need to be able to load up some
> XML that you are retieving into a W3C DOM Document container and then you
> use standard objects properties and methods to access the portions of the
> document you need.
> Using xmlHTTP for this is kind of like using a sledgehammer to put a
> thumbtack into a bulletin board.
> "Tim Platt" <tjp@p...> wrote in message
> news:1180976290.262165.183580@q......
> > That works!!
> >
> > I still dont really understand why, but..............................
> >
> > Thank you yet again for your assistance. I can usually crack these
> > problems on my own, but this proved a hard nut to crack.
> >
> >


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