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Re: Creating a large ENTITY container???

From: Peter Flynn <peter.nosp@-.--------.-->
Date: 1/1/2006 3:08:00 AM
adude28 wrote:

> I tried the following.
> a) I tried converting all single quotes to double quotes and I got the
> following error:
> "Parameter entities cannot be used inside markup declarations in an
> internal subset."

Are you sure your finger didn't slip on a percent key somewhere?
There are no PE Declarations in your code (nor should there be).
I converted all singles to doubles and enclosed the entity text
in single quotes and it validates fine. Rather than take up space
posting it here, it's at

>      i) Then I converted all "<" to "<" and all ">" to ">"
>         I still got the following error: "Parameter entities cannot be
>         used
> inside markup declarations in an internal subset."

Either the entity declaration has acquired a stray % sign
    OR there's something else in your example you didn't show us
    OR your software is hosed.

> c) I used the SYSTEM keyword and everything worked fine. But, I don't
> know how to post BOTH files to the ASP page to do the processing. So,
> that option is pretty much out for me.

I suspect you're still going to have problems doing this because when
the document gets processed, the < and > characters will likely get
turned into & l t ; and & g t ; (spaced here to stop interfering readers
munging them), unless you use the disable-output-escaping kludge.

> Am I missing something about options A & B?

Have a look at the file I referenced above and tell us if that works.



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