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Re: XML to VB to SQL

From: Martin Honnen <mahotrash@-----.-->
Date: 11/23/2005 2:34:00 PM

Joe Pannone wrote:

> I am relatievly new to XML.  I am writing an application in VB.NET/ASP.NET 
> (VS 2k5) where I receive an XML message from my client.  the XML message is 
> data that needs to be INSERTed into my SQL Server.  all fields are referenced 
> in the XML message with the corresponding data.  Do I have to parse out the 
> XML mssage to create the INSERT statement?  Isnt there an easier way to 
> INSERT the data?

If you have the XML and a schema then this
should help.

> I noticed that VS Studio 2k5 comes with MSXML Parser v6, I cant find any 
> documentation on this.  

MSXML is a COM based solution, if you are developing with .NET then use 
the managed classes the .NET framework offers for XML and data access.

It is correct that MSXML 6 has been released together with .NET 2.0 
respectively Visual Studio 2005 but only the give both the COM world and 
the .NET world tools that have the same power and strictness for stuff 
like schema validation for instance. Thus if you do not only .NET but 
have also script code (e.g. JScript or VBScript in WSH or classic ASP) 
or classic VB 6 then using MSXML 6 there should ease and improve XML 
data exchange to .NET 2.0.


	Martin Honnen --- MVP XML


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