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Re: DTD for Newbie

From: Peter Flynn <peter.nosp@-.--------.-->
Date: 11/17/2005 10:38:00 PM
boaz wrote:

> Hi,
> Couple posts below, I asked if anyone would recommend any book for
> newbie. Priscilla suggested his book but it was 4 years old.

Actually that probably makes very little difference for a beginner.
With a few very minor technical details, the XML that was defined
in 1996 is the XML we use today, so any decent book on XML post-1996
is likely to be perfectly usable.

> So, instead, I bought the 2004 _Beginning XML_ and the 2001 _XML
> Weekend Crash Course_.
> I have been reading the Crash Course but something is not clear to me.
> Would you guys help me please?
> Thanks!
> This is a DTD from page 105:
> <!ELEMENT family (father, mother, offspring?)>
> <!ELEMENT father (#PCDATA | surname)*>
> .
> .
> .
> <!ELEMENT surname (#PCDATA)>
> It says that the family tag 

Element, not tag. See

> requires <father> and <mother>. 

And, optionally, one offspring element.

> It is not clear to me what the second line wants.
> Isn't the second line says that <father> is optional or can be empty?

No, father is made compulsory by its inclusion in the content model
for family, because it is not qualified by a ? or *.

The father element can contain any mix of plain text and surname
elements, eg <father>Thomas George Arthur 
<surname>Williams</surname></father>. This is a rather odd way to 
define it, but that's a data-modelling problem, not an XML one.
The oddity is that the * means "any number of", so a surname element
is not compulsory, and it could occur more than once, or not at all,
so <father/> and <father>Fred</father> are both correct, so is 
<father>Ranulph <surname>Twistleton</surname> <surname>Wykeham</surname> 
<surname>Fiennes</surname></father> :-)

> It is not clear to me becasue the first line says that <father> is
> "phyically" required but the second line says that <father> is...
> huh... "logically" optional.

No. The second line says the *content* of father is optional.
The father element must be present but it may be empty.

> i.e.:
> You still need the <father> tag but it can be empty.


> <family>
> <father></father>
> <mother>my_mother</mother>
> <offspring>child1</offspring>
> </family>

It should be <!ELEMENT family (father, mother, offspring*)> if you
want to allow parents to have more than one child.

You're doing well, keep going :-)



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