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Learning web services - do I need a second computer?

From: Javaman59@-----------.---------.---
Date: 9/17/2005 12:30:00 AM

I'm studying for MCSD iin C#, XML Web Services, and ASP.NET. So far I've 
been using a workstation with XP-Pro, with all the network aspects of the 
study being done through localhost. I have become stalled at getting 
SQL-Server working with Visual Studio.Net. I feel that my studies would be 
more realistic, and progress more quickly, if I were to network with a second 
machine running WinServer 2003. However, I am not sure whether the cost is 

Any opinions, or experiences?



btw. I am single, so your responses aren't being collected to present an 
argument to my wife :)) - I just have to make an informed, and honest, 
assesment in my own mind.


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