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Re: JScript and VBScript

From: "McKirahan" <News@---------.--->
Date: 6/1/2005 10:29:00 AM
"joe" <nobody@n...> wrote in message
> Lately I've been surfing the MS knowledge pages to find XML related stuff,
> and I've noticed that (of the two primary scripting languages used with
> Jscript has way much more prominence that VBscript in the examples given.
> Acutally, most of what I found was Jscript, C++  and Visual Basic.
> Is MS pushing JScript as a preferred scripting language for their present
> and future technologies? Not that I care, I like JScript. Just trying to
> where things are heading...

JScript (JavaScript, ECMAScript) are often used client-side as they are
cross-browser compatible; whereas, VBScript requires an IE browser.


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