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Re: Xml db

From: "Han" <hp4444@------.---.----->
Date: 3/21/2005 12:23:00 PM
If you regard xml as data storage, you are actually saying file system. XML 
as data is independant of data storage. File system as data storage has some 
shortcomings compared with database applications. You will not choose it 
unless you are sure file system fits to your needs. However you can use 
database applications for XML. Some databases like oracle and sql are being 
rapidly evolutionazed to support XML natively. Either you can use any 
databases like MS Access to store XML data, though without native support of 
XML. Even that may be better option than file system.

Pohwan Han. Seoul. Have a nice day.
"James" <James@R...> wrote in message 
> Hi - I am looking to start a custom database for a small company. I have
> normally used Access data storage but have been looking into Xml as a
> possible data storage - what are the draw backs of using xml. I believe
> speed is an issue but at what size does does an xml database become
> unviable - even if you think it is viable in the first place. I was 
> thinking of serialization for storage proc.
> -- 
> James Jenkins
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