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Re: Escapes Sequences Not Working?

From: William Park <opengeometry@-----.-->
Date: 8/26/2004 8:37:00 PM
In <comp.text.xml> Rick Brandt <rickbrandt2@h...> wrote:
> I guess I will look at collecting the pieces in characters and not
> writing them until endElement().  I just wish I could fix the CDATA
> bug as this was working fine for 3 or 4 years before that started
> happening.  Either CDATA forces all of the text in the characters
> event to be pulled in a single block or we just got really lucky for
> all that time because I never saw any truncation until the CDATA
> section was removed.

You were just lucky.  :-)   

If you're using (or can use) Bash shell, then collecting all texts
inside <Notes> or any other element is simple.  Assuming elements
containing data are not nested,

    start () {		# Usage: start tag att=value ...
	case $1 in 
	    Notes) unset data;;
    middle () {		# Usage: middle text
	case ${XML_ELEMENT_STACK[1]} in
	    Notes) data+="$1" ;;
    end () {		# Usage: start tag
	case $1 in 
	    Notes) echo "$data" ;;

    xml -s start -d middle -e end "<Notes>aa&amp;bb</Notes>"

    help xml
William Park <opengeometry@y...>
Open Geometry Consulting, Toronto, Canada


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