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Re: Looking for XML driven reporting tool

From: "Wayne Wengert" <wayneDONTWANTSPAM@-------.--->
Date: 8/16/2004 3:08:00 PM
Crystal Reports 10 allows the use of XML as the database for reports and
offers pdf as one of the export options. One caveat, their support is VERY


"P Jones" <p.jones@N...> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I support an enterprise web application (IE client) built in VB6, with
> 200 classes, serving about 7000 users, running on 3 clustered servers.  I
> need to incorporate web reporting for the first time, so I am interested
> learning what web reporting options are out there, and the pros and cons
> each.  In general I need to generate reports with XML documents as inputs,
> and make them available to all web users.
> I am partial to generating PDF docs, but am open to all suggestions.
> Ideally they will be generated on the
> fly (synchronously), although I could do it asynchronously, and notify
> when the reports are ready to be viewed.  I need to reporting engine to be
> server safe (i.e. not interested in automating Microsoft Office, and
> exporting Access, Word, or Excel to files).
> Thanks for any suggestions!
> PJ


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