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Re: Question about prefix and namespaces with schemas

From: "Matevz Gacnik" <matevz.gacnik@-----------.-->
Date: 4/12/2004 9:14:00 PM

Did you check for default namespace(s) being present in your instance


"Carsten Klevenhusen" <Carsten.Klevenhusen@t...> wrote in message
> Hello everybody,
> I've some trouble using xml files with schemas. Would be nice if someone
> could help.
> Sorry, if I don't manage to get everything clear.I can always tell it more
> concrete when it's needed.
> I have some third party xml files which I'm supposed to validate against a
> schema in an application.
> The schema defines a target namespace and sets the elementFormDefault to
> qualified.
> In the xml files the schema is referenced using "schemaLocation"
> However there is no namespace prefix used in the xml files.
> So I'd expect, that a namespace prefix has to be defined in the xml files
> and used with each element.
> At least I understand that from the MSXML 4.0  SDK documentation.
> My Question now is: If a target namespace is defined, must one use a
> in the xml files or are there exceptions ?
> Problem is, that MSXML 4.0 validates the xml without prefixes alway as ok.
> Is the rule defined by W3C or Microsoft and are there parsers which
> xml files and target-namespacee without prefixes ?
> thanks in advance
> Carsten


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