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Re: Embedded pictures in Microsoft InfoPath XML, XSLT and XHTML formats.

From: Peter X <hotmail@--------.--->
Date: 10/29/2003 1:48:00 AM
Julian F. Reschke wrote:

> Sven Steinacker wrote:
>> Hi,
>> XSLT files generated by Microsoft InfoPath applied to some XML content
>> produces quite decent HTML presentations. At least with Mozilla and, of
>> course, IE 6.0 the results look the same as the original form in 
>> InfoPath.
>> However, pictures which were included in an InfoPath form's RTF field
>> before, are encoded in XHTML and embedded in the XML file as follows:
>> <img style="WIDTH: 541px; HEIGHT: 330px" tabIndex="-1" height="330"
>> src="msoinline/a0d1f46db1284886" width="541" v:shapes="_x0000_i1025"
>> xd:inline="XXX..XXX."
>> xmlns:xd=""
>> xmlns:v="urn:v"></img>
>> Whereas "XXX.XXX" represents the character encoded picture. The according
>> InfoPath XSLT, which produces XHTML out of the above nearly leaves the
>> embedded picture code untouched:
>> <img xmlns:v="urn:v" style="WIDTH: 541px; HEIGHT: 330px" tabIndex="-1"
>> height="330" src="msoinline/a0d1f46db1284886" width="541"
>> v:shapes="_x0000_i1025" xd:inline="XXX..XXX."/>
>> This is XHTML syntax but for my knowledge the inline encoding of 
>> pictures is
>> not standard, isn't it? Even the IE 6.0 and Word do show empty pictures
>> only.
>> Does anyone know if embedded pictures will become a (W3C or Microsoft ;-)
>> standard in the future? Do the next version of IE and Word (e.g. WordML)
>> support
>> embedded pictures!?
>> Furthermore, does anyone know the format of the embedded picture encoding
>> InfoPath is using?
>> Thanks a lot for a short note!
> There has been a way to embed pictures for years by using the "data" URI 
> scheme. Why is MS (again) inventing something proprietary?
> Julian

The "data" URI scheme is detailed here:

I can't find a live example on the web, but this:


works in Mozilla. Its a picture of "Larry" apparently, but I can't 
remember for the life of me where I found it!

This all works fine in Mozilla, but if memory serves, not in IE or even 
Opera. No excuse though, as the standard is comparitivly old.



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