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Re: Microsoft question?

From: Mark Johnson <102334.12@----------.--->
Date: 8/20/2003 2:55:00 PM
Oleg Tkachenko <oleg@N...> wrote:

>Mark Johnson wrote:

>> For attributes, both prefix and attribute must be individually
>> unique for the same element (which does sort of defeat the notion of
>> namespaces).

>Stop thinking about prefix - it doesn't matter. What matter is namespace URI 
>and local name. 

The prefix is how you assigned an element or attribute to a particular
ns. It's the name, or label, for that ns, even if technically it's the
uri string that is associated with the element or attribute.

>> <el n1:a="" n2:a=""> is invalid,
>It's valid if n1 and n2 prefixes bound to different namespace URIs.

I was borrowing from that example, below. It's sort of a 'trick
question'. And I missed it. They were assigning n1 and n2 to the same
arbitrary 'uri' string. It's why would anyone do _that_, right?

>"5.3 Uniqueness of Attributes",

>> The namespace axis in XPath doesn't report namespace in use by the
>> element, but rather namespaces that could be used by the element. Only
>> by using the function, namespace-uri(), on the node itself can you
>> determine if the element has a particular associated ns.

>Bingo :)

I had misunderstood, before. I thought that the namespace axis
collection was reporting ns assignment and association. And as I think
about it, that doesn't make much sense.


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