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Re: Let me rephrase the question ...

From: "Danny J. Lesandrini" <dlesandrini@-------.--->
Date: 8/8/2003 8:19:00 AM
Thanks for the vote of confidence.  I'll stay with what I've done.

It just seems kludgy to hard code ordinals for child nodes.  I'd
have rather called them by name, like you can with recordsets.

   rst.Fields(0) = rst.Fields("PRBLM_ID")

But, it doesn't seem like you can do that with the XML DOM object.
I guess that's part of the contract with sharing data using XML.  We
all agree to stick to a schema ... right?  Hope it works that way in

Thanks for your help
Danny J. Lesandrini

"MSFT" <lukezhan@o...> wrote in message news:Uv9ywFXXDHA.1724@c......
> I think your way is one of the good solutions for such a problem. If you
> want to know other ways, you may take a look at Xpath query, here is a
> sample for it:
> HOWTO: Use XPath Queries in MSXML DOM selectNodes Method
> For more information on XPath, you can refer to MSDN:
> xpath_ref_overview_0pph.asp
> Luke
> "Microsoft Security Announcement: Have you installed the patch for
> Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-026?? If not Microsoft strongly advises
> you to review the information at the following link regarding Microsoft
> Security Bulletin MS03-026
> and/or to
> visit Windows Update at to install the
> patch.  Running the SCAN program from the Windows Update site will help to
> insure you are current with all security patches, not just MS03-026."


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