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Re: Xerces only supports the simplest XPath queries?

From: Peter Flynn <peter.nosp@-.--------.-->
Date: 6/4/2012 11:51:00 PM
On 02/06/12 20:35, Ramon F Herrera wrote:
> On Jun 1, 5:56 am, Martin Honnen <> wrote:
>> Ramon F Herrera wrote:
>>> I have been using Xerces to perform XPath retrievals. So far, I have
>>> only dealt with the simplest path syntax. Much to my dismay, when I
>>> tried something a little fancier (a path with a subscript), it failed:
>>> /root/table/detailed_steel_pole_usages[1]/joint_label
>>> I guess I need some layer on top of Xerces-C?
>  > I am not familiar with details of Xerces-C, I think it has
>  > a user mailing list where you are more likely to find other
>  > users than here.
> I have used the mailing list/newsgroup, but EVERY time I ask a
> question, the answer is the same: somebody offers me a "better"
> alternative to Xerces. This is easily the most frustrating software I
> have used in my long life as programmer.

What are these "retrievals", exactly? Are you coding this inside some
other program in Java or C++ or something (ie using the Xerces and Xalan
libraries), or is this a shell script, or a web page, or ad-hoc
command-line queries, or what?

There are lots of tools out there; perhaps evaluating them is a good start.



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