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Re: RFC: thoughts for a "streamlined" XML syntax variant...

From: Joe Kesselman <>
Date: 5/11/2012 6:08:00 PM
There have been multiple suggestions for terser syntax, over the years 
since XML was released to the world. In general, they have failed 
contact with the real world -- they're harder to work with, and/or they 
aren't actually significantly more compact (especially when you remember 
that XML compresses wonderfully), and/or what you'd really want is a 
custom representation within your application (perhaps straight data 
structures) and XML only as the export/import interface to the rest of 
the world.

The W3C has looked at a number of "binary XML" representations. I 
believe there was a working group that was investigating trying to come 
up with something official. I'm not sure what its status is now; the 
idea still strikes me as an awkward compromise that is going to face too 
many conflicting goals.

Finally: XML's greatest value is that there are lots of tools already in 
place that support it. This won't be true of any new syntax.

Sorry, but I think there really isn't sufficient value here to make the 
idea worth pursuing.


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