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Re: easy question - empty element?

From: Pavel Lepin <p.lepin@-------.--->
Date: 10/30/2007 4:25:00 PM

Andy Dingley <dingbat@c...> wrote in
> On 30 Oct, 08:53, Pavel Lepin <> wrote:
>> Depending on what you mean by 'empty', you might actually
>> want one of the following:
>>   //*[@boId and not(descendant::text())]
>>   //*[@boId and not(node())]
>>   //*[@boId and not(text()[normalize-space()])]
>>   //*[@boId and
>>   not(descendant::text()[normalize-space()])]
> I can't imagine many situations where "//*[...]" is a good
> idea, especially not for an XPath newbie.

There certainly are some. Processing meta-data stored in
attributes from a dedicated namespace seems to be one of
the more common use cases.

> That's going to match every element in the tree, depending
> only on a complex predicate to filter them.

Them's the breaks.

> As you usually know the element name you're trying to
> match...

Usually, but not necessarily.

> I'd also strongly recommend a more readable element named
> "<policy>" rather than "<Plcy>".

Agreed in principle, but in this case it took me all of a
quarter a second to parse 'Plcy'.

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