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Re: How to get PHP to Order by Day of Month when processing an XML file Options

From: Pavel Lepin <p.lepin@-------.--->
Date: 7/30/2007 12:32:00 PM

Phill.Booth@g... <Phill.Booth@g...>
wrote in
> Hello I need to get PHP to order the output of the XML
> file to be ACENDING to the numerical value of the XML
> <start_day></start_day> tags
> <?php
>  function makexmltree($getmonth) {

Oh great. At least there's no BOM.

>          $product_codes = $book-
>>getElementsByTagName( "product_code" );



> makexmltree("July");
> ?>
> XML File (trimed down)
> <dataroot>
> <event><product_no>10790</product_no>
> <product_code>GBMBL6295E</product_code>
> <product_name>Gwen Stefani</product_name>
> <running_period_of_event>
> <start_day>25</start_day>
> <start_month>September</start_month>
> <start_year>2007</start_year>
> <end_day>25</end_day>
> <end_month>September</end_month>
> <end_year>2007</end_year>
> </running_period_of_event>
> <event_venue>The nia academy</event_venue>
> </event>
> <event>
> <product_no>3027</product_no>
> <product_code>GBMBL0329E</product_code>
> <product_name>Berlioz Restaurant</product_name>
> <running_period_of_event>
> <start_day>10</start_day>
> <start_month>May</start_month>
> <start_year>2006</start_year>
> <end_day>10</end_day>
> <end_month>May</end_month>
> <end_year>2010</end_year>
> </running_period_of_event>
> <event_venue></event_venue>
> </event>
> </dataroot>

Right. Where's the friggin' July? Sorting just one item
simply ain't all that useful either.

Anyway, after spending twenty minutes on getting your code
to work (I got wondering just how messed-up an online
request for help may get... boy, wasn't I surprised), I
have two recommendations for you:

1. Quit now. End your suffering. More importantly, end your
co-workers' suffering. With your lack of mental discipline
and common sense you're not going to do much good, but you
have the potential for causing an awful lot of harm.

2. Barring that, look up usort() in the friggin' PHP Manual.
(Right, it was under your nose all along - does that feel


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the pleasure of hearing a rotten tomato hit someone in the
rear end. -- Garrison Keillor


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