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Re: Programming language + XML + XSL = compiler ?

From: Philippe Poulard <Philippe.PoulardNO@----------.-----.-->
Date: 7/3/2006 9:57:00 AM

Andy Dingley <dingbat@c...> wrote:
> Joe Kesselman wrote:
>>Hm. I don't usually think of Ant as a programming language,
> In its limited little way, it's a declarative programming language (as
> was Prolog). You can use it as a convenient dependency resolver.
>>I don't think I've heard of anyone styling it,
> I have an XSLT stylesheet that auto-documents Ant external targets.
> Handy when I'm shipping deployment scripts to users.
> I also auto-generate Ant from a vile combination of our bug tracker,
> change control, and Torque repository. This generates database patch
> scripts for upgrading customer databases from arbitrary start points to
> new product versions.


I have designed and implemented a general-purpose XML system that I 
called "Active Tags" which allows to make programs with XML tags ; it 
allows to mix declarative tags with imperative instructions, uses XPath 
to access object's properties, and much more...

it is not "yet another markup language" but a framework that allows 
several markup languages to run together

the implementation (Java) :
the specs :


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