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From: "Andy Dingley <dingbat@----------.--->" <dingbat@----------.--->
Date: 6/19/2006 5:33:00 AM

Visualbomber@g... wrote:
> Hi there, I have been reasearching RSS and XML, in order to form a
> program that works with RSS to organize information, such as places on
> a map.

As always, this is a question of system architecture design, not just
coding. _What_ information are you organising? Where does it come from?
Where might it be going?

> Another thought is which would be easier, using C++ or Visual Basics?

It makes almost no difference. You might use a DOM, like MSXML, and you
could use XPath and XSLT to process RSS within this. Your key
algorithms are thus in one of these languages, and VB/VC++ is just a
container for them.

RSS isn't (reliably) in XML, so you might find a need to provide a
better RSS-friendly parser than a strict XML DOM for it. That's a job
for C++ or Java, not VB, but you would probably encapsulate that in a
COM component anyway, through the standard W3C DOM interrface.

On the M$oft platforms, then choose whichever language you're
personally happier with.


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