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Re: New file format design

From: Joe Kesselman <keshlam-nospam@-------.--->
Date: 6/15/2006 4:25:00 PM

mathieu wrote:
> 1. If I have a choice: Element or Attribute ?

This is a FAQ. What's the intent of the datum (modifier or content), and 
will it ever in the future want to be structured (in which case it has 
to be an element).

> 2. Do I need to define my own file version (maybe as the first XML
> element) ?

Up to you. Will you ever need to distinguish versions?

> 3. Do I need to provide a DTD or XML schema ?

Up to you. Do you want the parser to help confirm the data is reasonably 
structured and contains plausible values? Do you need to mark some data 
as having particular kinds of meanings (ID is the obvious one that has 
to be defined at this level)? Do you want to define named entities 
(supported only in DTDs, and *probably* best avoided these days although 
folks still debate that)?

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