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Re: Is AxKit dead?

From: Peter Flynn <peter.nosp@-.--------.-->
Date: 6/12/2006 11:15:00 PM

jonathan@h... wrote:
> Joe Kesselman wrote:
>> AxKit is one of the remaining sub-projects of the Apache XML project --
>> see Interestingly, AxKit retains its own domain
>> ( rather than having been brought onto Apache's own
>> servers.
>> One way to tell whether it's alive is to check what's happening on the
>> bug list. The last entry in the resolved-bugs list is a year old. Given
>> that there are more recent bug report than that, this is not encouraging.
>> Suggestion: Hit AxKit's own mailing list and/or IRC and ask them what
>> they think its status is...?
> Thanks for that, I had noted these points already.
> There is very little activity in the newsgroups and Matt Sergeant
> hasn't posted on this topic in the newsgroups for ages.
> My question was not what is Axkit's official state was but which
> solution was better to commit ones organisation to, going forward,
> Axkit or Cocoon.  My feel is Cocoon unless anyone knows any other
> better options?

Last time I checked AxKit had problems compiling under anything later 
than RH7 because they didn't have access to a system running FC.  I
did actually get it working once, but the Perl dependencies are the
usual nightmare.

Cocoon is heavily supported, and seems to work out of the box. You
will, however, need some serious memory and CPU for Cocoon.

> p.s. I'll be putting this question to ApacheCon in Dublin later this
> month, I'll see what they say.

Maybe see you there.



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