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Re: Is XML Spy good - and are there cheaper alternatives?

From: Tony Lavinio <xml1@-------.--->
Date: 5/16/2006 10:23:00 AM

You could also use Stylus Studio.  See

It is very conformant to standards, provides good cross-platform
support by letting you validate with several XSD validators including
XSV, Xerces-C++, Xerces-J and Saxonica.

It supports XSLT 1 and XSLT 2, across a variety of engines including
Saxon 8 -B and -SA, Saxon 6, Xalan, System.Xml from .Net, and more.

It supports a variety of XQuery engines as well, including DDXQ
and Saxonica.

You can cross-platform debug and profile code as well - you can even
debug Java extension functions by stepping and setting breakpoints
and going between XSLT and Java in the same call stack.

And we offer free support on the Stylus Studio Developer Network,

On 05-12-2006 5:09 AM, daz_oldham wrote:
> Hi
> I was just wondering what people thought of XMLSpy">XMLSpy and the XML Suite
> that Alotva do and if it is worth shelling out for it.   And, is it
> cheap for what you get??
> I am looking to be working with XML, XSD, XSLT so don't know if getting
> a tool like this would make my life easier, or if Visual Studio 2005
> will do what I need.
> And, are there any cheaper alternatives? :)
> Many thanks
> Daz

Tony Lavinio
Stylus Studio Principal Software Architect


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