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Re: converting from RDF schema to XML schema

From: Andy Dingley <dingbat@----------.--->
Date: 11/26/2004 3:18:00 AM
On 25 Nov 2004 07:36:23 -0800, marcello.villani@g... (Marcello
Villani) wrote:

>I have this problem: my customer sent me a RDF file with its own

It doesn't matter that much, but what is this schema written in ?

> I absolutely need to convert that RDF schema in XML schema.

>Does anybody knows if this operation  is possible?

No, no-one knows if this operation is possible  8-)   Great minds have
pondered this for several years and the jury is still out.   RDF can
express things that XML can't, so how to translate a truly generalised
schema is still a debatable problem.

In general though, it's a bit of a no-brainer.  Unless you're actually
doing some of the weird stuff, there's not much to it.

I am puzzled as to why you should need to. When you have this XML
schema, what are you going to do with it ?   It's a far more common
problem to have an RDF document and a pre-existing XML schema, and a
need to know how to map one onto the other.  You already have a schema
(in something RDF-related), so why do you need another ?  Presumably
there's some other tool involved that is going to have to parse the
RDF document, so what is this expecting ?  I can't imagine you have a
need to convert the schema, but not the data document itself ?
Please tell us a bit more about the broader picture.

Smert' spamionam


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