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Re: Umlaut characters in Unicode

From: "Steve W. Jackson" <stevewjackson@-------.--->
Date: 11/12/2004 2:46:00 PM
In article <2vkeadF2lqg92U1@u...>,
 Jürgen Kahrs <Juergen.KahrsDELETETHIS@v...> wrote:

>:Martin Honnen wrote:
>:> Why is an umlaut a problem? Unicode certainly contains/allows umlaut 
>:> characters.
>:Umlaut is not a problem for Unicode.
>:Umlaut is a problem if you write a text
>:with an editor in ISO-8859-1 mode and
>:watch the text with an editor in UTF-8
>:For example, while writing this posting,
>:I use ISO-8859-1 mode and this is an u-Umlaut: ü
>:Now, switch your news reader to UTF-8 and you
>:will find that the character does not look like
>:an u-umlaut anymore.

That's precisely the problem we've encountered with our application, 
which stores its data in UTF-8 encoded XML documents.

We maintain everything internally in our Java application as part of a 
DOM, and it's saved to an external file on request.  But we failed to 
force the byte stream written to the file to be encoded to UTF-8, so it 
used the default ISO-8859-1 on our American systems.  When the next 
attempt was made to read the file (only if such characters appeared), 
errors occurred because there were non-UTF-8 characters present.

The solution we found was to serialize the DOM with UTF-8 encoding 
specified (which we were already doing) and then also specify UTF-8 
encoding on the output file stream when writing.  When this was done, 
opening such an XML file in an editor clearly showed something that did 
not resemble the letter with umlaut, or accent, or other special feature.

= Steve =
Steve W. Jackson
Montgomery, Alabama


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