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Re: meta tags

From: "Brian" <brian@----------------.-->
Date: 11/9/2003 2:38:00 PM
> What "standard" are you referring to?

I just meant normal meta tags. You must excuse my ignorance I have been
dropped in at the deepend by a web designer that has gone AWOL!.

> Did you mean in outputs:
>    <meta content="test, test, test" name="keywords"></meta>
> or
>    <meta content="test, test, test" name="keywords" />

I meant

<meta  name="keywords" content="test, test, test" />

gets parsed into my HTML doc as

<meta content="test, test, test" name="keywords">

> > I hope that makes sense. The problem is that I am running some adds on
> What are "adds"?
> The tags are not reversed, in fact, there are not plural "tags"
> in the data you've shown, there is only a single "tag".
> Attributes can be in any order in XML, so
>    <gi x="X" y="Y">
> and
>    <gi y="Y" x="X">
> are *exactly equivalent* in XML.

i understand this now after many hours however it does not seem to be
particularly helpful to me as any raw HTML doc i put the tag on it works
fine. However when parsed and the attributes are reversed then they seem to
be ignored.

> Applications that depend on the order of attributes do not
> comply with the XML standard (ie. they contain a bug).

This one is way out of my hands!

> Fix the bug in your "adds".


> > as I have been at this silly little thing for
> > hte last 7 hours now!!! :)
> That can happen with bugs.  :-)

I know! Tell me is it possible to send cocoon a html stream or string and
instruct it just to leave it alone? This would be a workaround as I can
never see the add publisher ever fixing their bug.

> -- 
>     Tad McClellan                          SGML consulting
>     tadmc@a...                   Perl programming
>     Fort Worth, Texas

I appreciate the reply.


get rid of the obvious if replying by mail


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