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Integrating xhtml/html validation into a web-based CMS (MS-windows)

From: Spam Survivor <admin@---.-.-.->
Date: 9/15/2003 5:17:00 PM
Hi folks:

I'm assuming someone's been down this path before: we want to provide our
users with a tool integrated into our content-management website that will
allow them to validate their html & xhtml documents. Our servers will be MS

Plug-in commercial modules considered (something in .NET? COM+? Service

Alternatively, if we could get hold of the source for a parsing-validation
engine that can be compiled on Win-2000, we could bolt it in ourselves. My
attempts to wander around the net seem to indicate much of the source for
this sort of thing is unix-oriented. - I'm pretty unix-oriented myself, but
the workplace & client-base isn't :-)

Yes, I know, our users could always use any number of web-hosted validators,
or stand-alone validating tools which would do the job perfectly well, but
that's much too difficult and complicated, and they'd rather pay us to fit
the validation evaluation process into a nice simple all-in-one CMS with one
URL which they won't forget.

My email is below (pardon the obfuscation), or reply to group.


Larry Cook, B.A. / L.L.B. (Melbourne), Dip.Comp.Sci. (La Trobe)
alias (purple_xs2) at email address (southcom) type (com) country (au)


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